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about kailing

rooted in china, looking around the world, manufacturing excellent products, creating excellent companies.

company culture

company culture

through years' practice, we improved and enriched our understanding to enterprise culture, human consciousness, cooperation, reality and value pursuit compose the cultural cord of kailing.

the same value increase the employee's cohesion, self-identity. owing to the same target, we would inspire our staff's gumption and innovation to fulfill our self worthiness and social worthiness.

  • corporate mission:

    to create safe products and create a happy life

  • corporate vision:

    rooting in china, looking to the world

    create excellent products and create excellent companies

  • corporate values:

    customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction

    satisfied by the supplier, social satisfaction

  • business philosophy:

    more specialized, more refined, stronger, longer, safer

  • entrepreneurial spirit:

    concentric, tongde, tongzhi, sharing development

    synchronization, same strength, same height, forging a better future

  • management policy:

    innovation is the soul, quality is the first

    talent-oriented, power source

  • safety policy:

    safety is the first, prevention is the first

    full participation, both the symptoms and the root causes

  • talent policy:

    to unite people with careers, to care for warm people

    promote people with the platform and motivate people with value

  • quality policy:

    one thing, one product, excellence

    a new day, never ending

  • environmental policy:

    prevent environmental pollution and create green enterprises